Situated as near as it is to Milton Keynes and within travelling distance of London, Bedford is a town that is naturally well served by both public transit systems and major trunk roads. As a result, Bedford is increasingly considered to be a part of the London Commuter Belt, the circle of towns from which it is possible to commute to a job in London. As the information below explains, this is a convenient journey either by rail or by road and is particularly convenient for those who need to commute to North East London or the Kings Cross area.


Travelling to Bedford

Bedford is served by two train stations located less than a mile apart, the main one being Bedford Station and the other Bedford St Johns. Bedford Station features trains that go to Brighton via London stopping at Flitwick, Harlington, Leagrave, Luton, St Albans, West Hampstead, Kings Cross, Farringdon, Blackfriars and others on the way to Brighton. The journey to London Kings Cross from Bedford and vice versa takes around an hour and generally costs somewhere between £20 and £30 one way.

Bedford St Johns is one the Marston Vale Line which stretches south-west to Bletchley, near Milton Keynes which the line will eventually reach when it is extended in the coming few years. Along the way it stops at towns such as Stewartby, Lidlington and Fenny Stratford.


Major roads serving Bedford include the A421, A509, A6 and A4280 and the nearest motorway is the M1. Driving to Bedford for London will likely involve taking the M1 northbound and turning right onto the A421 after Ridgmont in the vicinity of Milton Keynes.

For those travelling from the North by coach, the National Express service from Southport to Cambridge stops at Bedford. There are no coach services between London and Bedford.

Travelling around Bedford

b68a71a0f4d8af61144d9b9919fa6533The centre of Bedford is, at most, a mile wide and can be walked in about 15 minutes for the average walker. The most pleasant way of walking through the town is probably to follow the walk known as the Embankment through the parks along the banks of the River Ouse. There are also guided walking tours of the town centre that are available for a charge through the local council.

The main bus service for traversing the town is the X5 which travels East-West from the station, through the town centre and out through Godlington and Elms Farm. There are taxi ranks in the centre of the town for those who would prefer to hire a private car.

Stagecoach operates 11 bus services through the town centred around the town centre. These include services from the town centre to Fenlake, Bedford Hospital, Shortstown, Great Denham Woodside and other areas. In short, there are few areas of the town that are not served by buses with Biddenham, Bromham and Clapham being notable exceptions. Travelling to these areas will need to be either by taxi or on foot although they are not far from the town centre.