Bedford has a wide selection of restaurants offering a variety of cuisines from around the world. In particular, Bedford is known for its Italian community and the traditional family restaurants which have sprung up as a result of it. There are also a number of pubs offering more British fare as well as various establishments offering different types of Asian food. A number of the most popular are listed below.

Park Inn Belfast

Park Inn Belfast

Pizzeria Santaniello

This was the first Italian restaurant to open in Bedford in 1980, opening the door to a large number of others in the town. In response, their windows boldly proclaim them “Bedford’s No.1 Pizzeria”. They describe themselves as a traditional Italian pizzeria and a family business who hand stretch their pizzas under the supervision of chef Antonio Cientanni who has made numerous television appearances. They are located near to the embankment in the centre of the town and open six days a week. Customers describe their service as “no frills” but friendly and welcoming.

Spaghetti John’s

Spaghetti John’s, by contrast, is the newest Italian restaurant in Bedford who pitch themselves as doing away with the more traditional approach in favour of a trendier look and feel.
The restaurant doubles as a cafe and gelateria selling artisan gelato. They aim to buy local and use only fresh ingredients as well as offering plenty of vegetarian options and gluten free pasta on request.

The Embankment

The Embankment is a large mock-Tudor pub, hotel and eatery situated on the banks of the River Ouse with views of the river and boathouses. The pub was built in the late Nineteenth Century and has been a part of the scenery of the town for more than a hundred years. The pub carries a seasonal menu and advertises itself as only using top quality ingredients. It’s open in the morning for breakfast and cakes and serve lunch from midday and dinner in the evening.



Harpurs is a restaurant and wine bar whose facade advertises the fact of its long history while its interior bears testament to the fact that it is probably the trendiest bar in Bedford. The restaurant offers a three course Sunday Lunch for £9.95 and a two course “Credit Crunch Lunch” for £6.95 from Monday to Saturday or alternatively what they call a “VIP Lunch” for £11.95 Monday to Saturday. More details of these offers can be found on the official website.

Que Huong

This ever-popular Vietnamese restaurant advertises itself as providing healthy and authentic Vietnamese cuisine with a student discount before 5pm. There are a great number of rave reviews for this understated restaurant online so by all accounts it is worth a visit if you are in Bedford. Prices range from £2 to £55 allowing plenty of room for people with varying budgets and time to spend.

Thai Lagoon

12DINEWE1-master1050A highly popular Thai restaurant which is again known for its authenticity and the high quality of dining experience it provides as well as a takeaway option. The set meal is £20 per person and most customers consider it to be excellent value for money.